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Humber College is ready to launch the first Honours Bachelor Health Care Technology Management Program in Canada

Starting Fall 2018 Durham College will be offering a program that is the first of its kind in Canada. The Honours Bachelor of Health Care Technology Management (HCTM) is not only unique in its subject but it is also the first four-year Honours Bachelor degree offered by the institution. “Students in the HCTM program will develop knowledge in the principles of healthcare management and business practices, the management of biomedical technology, safety, and regulatory and legislative requirements to support industry standards and positive patient outcomes". The premise of this program takes existing health management career models and adds a technical knowledge base edge. These skills will allow graduates the ability to implement, manage and safely monitor the use of all of the amazing new software and devices being used in the field.

It will not be long before other post-secondary educational schools start following in Durham’s footsteps.

“We’re creating a profession based on demand,”

says Rick Tidman, a professor with the School of Science and Engineering Technology, and coordinator for the new degree program.

“Health care is moving toward being a technology-based profession.”

We will start seeing less administrative base programs and more technician based education in healthcare develop as an industry standard. The hybrid skill set that graduates will be able to apply in their careers will be learned with courses such as:

  • Electrical Circuits for Biomedical Technology
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Introduction to Biomedical Engineering Technology and Management
  • Math for Technology Management

See the full list of courses offered in the program here as well as potential careers graduates will be qualified for once the complete their studies.


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