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Research Funding Opportunity Through Canada-Catalonia Collaboration

By Cecilia Li @cecilialicc

Overview of TO Health!

TO Health! is an industry-led cluster organization that is raising the profile of the Toronto region’s Human Health & Sciences (HHS) cluster. As a facilitator of global opportunities for the Toronto region’s HHS sector, TO Health! collaborates with our partners both locally and globally to accelerate the growth and impact of the Toronto Region. TO Health! also assists groups with their own promotional outreach through TO Health! brand affiliation and resources, which can be used to powerfully present the region as a highly attractive place to live, work and invest.

Opportunity Profile

The Catalan cluster organization Biocat is calling for collaborations with Canadian institutions for an Industrial Research and Development and Innovation (R&D&I) project. The total budget for this project is 500,000 Euro with up to 70% of the cost (350,000 Euro) being covered by a Catalan counterpart. That is to say, the Canadian side will only spend 30% (150,000 Euro) of the total cost for the research collaboration.

Funded by the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF), the goal of this R&D project is to stimulate and support collaborative research and development between private sector companies in both Canada and Spain/Catalan, with a focus on the commercialization of new technologies.

Details of the project

- At least 1 Catalan company + 1 partner from Canada, with no restrictions on the type of Canadian organization that can apply (companies or other public-private R&D&I agents).

- An agreement should be signed from both parts (from the Canadian partner in the agreement should be clearly stated name of the institution, its role the project, IPR issues and the authorization to ACCIÓ to do the follow up – including a visit to their facilities).

- The minimum overall budget of the proposal to be submitted is 150,000 Euro. However, it is recommended that the proposal should be bigger than that in case there is some expenses in the budget that are rejected by the evaluators.

- Each partner should have a maximum contribution of 70% of the total budget.

For instance, with a budget of 500,000 Euro, the maximum contribution of the Catalan or Canadian part should be less than 350,000.

- The funding will be only for the Catalan partner. The maximum funding is 200,000 Euro, and it will be calculated based on the typology of company and the nature of the R&D&I project as follows: 

The project application deadline is 11th October 2016. Projects must start 8 months after the submission of the application (not before the application form is submitted) and could last up to 2 years long. The participating company would be able to tap into innovation resources and international markets in Catalonia through the program, which is essential to maintain its own competitiveness.

Partner Profile

Our partner in Catalonia - Biocat - is a member of R&D funded by ERDF. Founded in 2006, Biocat acts as a strategic agent and catalyst in the construction of the Catalan health and life sciences ecosystem. Its mission is to dynamize all the stakeholders of the BioRegion (companies, research groups and entities, hospitals and innovation support structures) to transform knowledge and technology into economic growth and to create a social impact.

Interested Collaborators:

For those companies interested in this unique opportunity, TO Health! can help you to find a Catalan partner. Please contact Ella Korets-Smith through the following form before 30th September 2016 for more information and partnering opportunities.

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