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Sep 19, 2017

Synaptive Medical: 2017 Company of the Year

Every year, Life Sciences Ontario presents a series of awards to highlight the top influencers and contributors of the industry. Synaptive Medical, a company that has worked tirelessly at developing innovative surgical technologies and imaging modalities, was recognized as company of the year for 2017!

One of the key mantras of the company is that tackling the impossible is the best way to succeed. With such an ambitious POV, it isn’t surprising that they have really left their mark on the global stage and is a leader in boosting the reputation of Ontario’s life sciences sector.

The impacts of their cutting edge technology can be illustrated through the increased abilities for doctors to plan and visualize their procedures beforehand. Dr. Todd Kuether, an early adopter from Oregon’s Legacy Emanual Medical Center best expressed how Synaptive’s BrightMatterTM technology has drastically enhanced the care they are able to provide to their patients.

“In some cases there might even be some patients that would be considered almost inoperable, and now this [technology] maybe gives us the best way to reduce the injury to the patient trying to get to these areas”

So what else have they accomplished? Here are a few other contributions that they've made to the life sciences sector:

  • They have launched eight products over four years for everything from three dimensional modelling of finer tracts, to training simulations, and automated surgical positioning.
  • Received regulatory approvals from the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia for their technologies.
  • Synaptive has established many collaborative research projects with top universities and research institutions. For instance, in May of 2017, they began working with Colorado State to create technology that can better aid in brain tumour detection and treatment.

If you missed the 2017 LSO gala, watch Cameron Piron, CEO of Synaptive Medical accept their award below!

Synaptive medical is a company to watch and is a true success story within the human health science cluster of Toronto!


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